Useful Links

General FLL Links

US First – First Lego League

First Lego League – Into Orbit

FLL Blog

FLL Youtube Channel

FIRST STEM Discovery Hub – everything you need to guide your team to a successful first season

Starting a Team

Start a team – everything you need to know to start an FLL team

For Parents – this is the place to go to get answers to parents frequently asked questions


STEMcentric – a great video tutorial page for ALL Lego robots! This a great place to start for any team, but also has advanced tutorials as well.

Domabot – simple and fast to build NXT and EV3 robots (although the robots are a bit wide for the FLL competition it is a great robot to introduce your team to NXT/EV3s, quick to build so they can start learning programming quickly)

Mastering Lego Robots/ – Tutorials and hints on FLL Robotics.

Builderdude35 – EV3 Tutorials


Lego Software Downloads [note: the gyro, sonar and sound sensor blocks have to be downloaded and installed separately (links on the same page as the software). For install instructions see THIS LINK]

Lego Video Tutorials

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