Into Orbit Sneak Peek

FIRST Championship will be livestreamed on the FIRST Twitch Channel at Tune in beginning at 4 p.m. CT Wednesday, April 18, to join FIRST and LEGO® Education for a sneak peek at the MISSION MOON and INTO ORBIT models. Models will also be on view at FIRST Championship Detroit. All Challenge details will be revealed at the Global Challenge release Aug. 1. Help us #makeitloud for this stellar season!

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Teams Needed for Demo

The Society of Information Management (SIM) has been sponsoring FLL in Memphis since we became a region. We need your team’s help to keep that support. SIM is looking for a few teams to come out to their open house on Thurs April 19 from 4 to 6pm to demonstrate FLL to their members.

If you are able to come out and demonstrate FLL to this important sponsor, please contact for further details.

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Pink Palace – Dream Big Premiere Night

As part of the Dream Big Premiere Night at the Pink Palace, St. Louis Catholic School’s Jr High Robotics Team demoed their FLL robot. FRC was also represented by Memphis MechWarriors (Team 4764). Thanks for spreading the word about FLL and FIRST!

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Results from the 2018 West TN FLL Championship

West TN FLL Championship Awards

1st Place 10170 Epicteam Germantown, TN
2nd Place 786 E3 Strike Clarksville, TN
3rd Place 4890 Cardinals Red Memphis, TN
Robot Performance
1st Place 15496 Space Bears Collierville, TN
2nd Place 35168 35168 Presbyterian Day School 2 Memphis, TN
Robot Mechanical Design
1st Place 15496 Space Bears Collierville, TN
2nd Place 783 E3 Spark Clarksville, TN
Robot Programming
1st Place 32670 Rohirrim in Training Memphis, TN
2nd Place 24218 Cordova Cougar Cubs Red Cordova, TN
Robot Strategy & Innovation
1st Place 24835 PyroPandas Collierville, TN
2nd Place 32302 Golden Paws Memphis, TN
Project Presentation
1st Place 27570 MBA STEMGINEERS Memphis, TN
2nd Place 4570 Hawkbotics – Gold Clarksville, TN
Project Innovative Solution
1st Place 26692 Cardinals Gray Memphis, TN
2nd Place 7537 St. Francis Blue Cordova, TN
Project Research
1st Place 27514 Hawkbotics – Black Clarksville, TN
2nd Place 32627 2D ROBOTS Clarksville, TN
Core Values – Teamwork
1st Place 27078 Presbyterian Day School 1 Memphis, TN
2nd Place 9006 Dragons 3 Collierville, TN
Core Values – Inspiration
1st Place 36889 Bot Builders #2 West Memphis, AR
2nd Place 22626 Cardinals Black Memphis, TN
Core Values – Gracious Professionalism
1st Place 31739 Sparkling Waters Collierville, TN
2nd Place 12366 Richview Robotics Clarksville, TN
Outstanding Service Award
Tim Herndon – TSPE
West TN FLL Championship
Rank Team # Team Name Best Score Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1st 15496 Space Bears 175 125 170 175
2nd 35168 Presbyterian Day School 2 140 105 100 140
3rd 24835 PyroPandas 125 40 125 125
4th 27078 Presbyterian Day School 1 110 110 85 90
5th 4570 Hawkbotics – Gold 110 110 60 80
6th 27514 Hawkbotics – Black 110 15 55 110
7th 15134 STEAM Rollers 110 50 50 110
8th 31739 Sparkling Waters 105 105 105 90
9th 32627 2D ROBOTS 105 45 105 65
10th 20313 Cougar Cogwheels 95 95 35 35
11th 35164 EagleBots 4b 90 85 90 85
12th 32670 Rohirrim in Training 90 70 85 90
13th 5420 Tinkering Turkeys 90 45 90 50
14th 4890 Cardinals Red 85 85 85 85
15th 10170 Epicteam 85 60 85 85
16th 35511 MYTT BRICK SQUAD 85 30 65 85
17th 36889 Bot Builders #2 85 55 85 45
18th 783 E3 Spark 85 30 25 85
19th 22139 STEAM Punks 80 65 80 45
20th 33506 Eaglebots White 80 0 60 80
21st 36885 Bot Builders 75 75 65 45
22nd 4568 Hawkbotics – Red 75 30 65 75
23rd 30036 St. Marys Blue Angels 75 55 75 25
24th 31526 Trinity Lions Robotics Team 75 25 75 50
25th 34179 EagleBots 4A 70 65 70 50
26th 22626 Cardinals Black 70 20 65 70
27th 34077 Mustangs Blue #6804 70 -10 70 45
28th 7537 St. Francis Blue 70 30 10 70
29th 4891 Cardinals White 65 60 65 65
30th 12366 Richview Robotics 65 55 65 25
31st 23350 Cowboy Robotics 65 25 65 50
32nd 9007 Dragons 4 65 -5 40 65
33rd 15106 Cordova Cougar Cubs Blue 65 30 10 65
34th 35114 Lausanne Lynx 60 55 15 60
35th 9004 Dragons 2 60 50 60 30
36th 32078 Robo-Wildcats Thunder Leaders 60 0 45 60
37th 33505 Eaglebots Purple 60 25 20 60
38th 32043 Incarnation Catholic School 55 35 40 55
39th 25282 Cardinals 50 50 50 50
40th 26692 Cardinals Gray 50 20 50 30
41st 786 E3 Strike 45 -5 45 45
42nd 32302 Golden Paws 45 40 35 45
43rd 33331 Robo-Wildcats Lego Dragon Stars 40 25 40 40
44th 17013 The STEMulators 40 35 40 -10
45th 9003 Dragons 1 40 15 10 40
46th 34182 SMESTurkeys 35 20 35 10
47th 26691 Lady Cardinals 30 30 30 15
48th 24218 Cordova Cougar Cubs Red 30 20 30 25
49th 32314 Bailey Bear Bots 30 30 -10 10
50th 9006 Dragons 3 25 0 25 20
51st 27570 MBA STEMGINEERS 0 0 -5 -10
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THEME: Explore living in and traveling through space

Gather your crew and get ready to explore, challenge and innovate in the demanding and
inspiring expanse we call space! The 2018/2019 FIRST® LEGO® League season requires you to
work together to break out of your earthly constraints. Do you have what it takes to go INTO

Coming August 1, 2018! Get your team ready to lift off!

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Students across West Tennessee compete in FIRST LEGO League Championship

From: WREG

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — LEGO loving students gathered Saturday at the University of Memphis to compete in robotic games.

FIRST (“For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”) LEGO League is a robotics competition for students in grades 4 through 8.

Special Education teacher Chris Stallings of Barret’s Chapel Elementary School is one of the coaches of the many who attended.

“Oh yeah, I think they said they are up to 50 teams here today, up to ten kids on each team,” Stallings said.

Stallings said the teams receive their LEGO robotics in August along with the year’s theme.

This year it was hydrodynamics.

“So kids have to think of a way to save water, a new invention,” Stallings said.

Students don’t have to enjoy coding or robotics to join the club.

Fourth-grader Jayden Kainsey says he ended up designing his team’s shirts.

“There is a place for everybody on the teams,” Stallings said.

One part of the competition consists of putting together a presentation on their core values, where they tell the judges how they worked together.

The second part of the competition is the robotics, where the robot must leave from a starting position, finish a set of challenges and return to the starting position without errors and within the time limit.

Finally, they do a presentation on the theme and how they would address it.

Photojournalist Ian Ripple contributed to this report.

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West TN FLL Championship News

It looks like we are going to get a break in the weather and the West TN FLL Championship will not be canceled or delayed.

Coaches should have received an email with information about the event. If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder, if it is not there, please email us at to let us know and we will resend it.

Since the event will be larger than normal (due to the cancellation of the CBHS Qualifier) we are in need of volunteers. If you can help out for the day, please let us know ( Lunch will be provided for volunteers.

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CBHS Event Canceled

Did someone do their Hydrodynamics project on Snow / Ice Removal? But all kidding aside…..

We have decided to cancel tomorrow’s CBHS Qualifier. Although the weather system has passed, it is doubtful the roads will be safe tomorrow morning and we just do not want to risk it.

I am sure you are asking….what about the teams? They worked so hard this year……

Since this was no fault of the teams, we have decided to extend an invitation to the West TN Championship to all the teams that were registered to attend the CBHS event.

In an effort to keep the event end time approximately the same, we are looking for additional judges to help out for the day to handle the additional teams. If you would like to help out, please contact us using the form to the right…..

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Weather and CBHS Qualifier

With the winter weather threat and with some school closings already announced for Friday, we are getting inquiries from teams about the weather cancellation procedure for the CBHS Qualifier scheduled for Saturday Jan 13th.

We are hoping the event will not be affected, but if it is, Team coaches will receive an email informing them of any change in schedule or cancellation of the event via the email account. We will also post any announcements to this website (provided the power does not go out in midtown where our server is located). Coaches, please make sure you have a procedure in place to ensure all team members are informed of any change or cancellation.

Your teams safety is our primary concern. Please stay safe!

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CBHS Qualifier

The CBHS qualifier has been rescheduled for January 13th!

Due to the funeral for Dean Emeritus George Pratt.

From: WMC Action News

Longtime Christian Brothers High School Dean of Students George Pratt died at the age of 70.

Pratt graduated from CBHS in 1965 and served as dean for over 46 years.

He was named dean emeritus before the 2017-18 school year.

Pratt also served as a math teacher, basketball coach, football coach, and baseball coach at CBHS.

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