Clarksville and STCC Qualifiers Held

On Sat December 7, West TN FLL held TWO qualifiers, one in Clarksville and one at Southwest TN Community College.

We will post the results here shortly.

Photos from Clarksville can be found HERE.

Photos from STCC can be found HERE (with many more photos coming shortly….)

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CBHS Pictures now available

Sorry it has taken so long, but we finally have the pictures from the CBHS Qualifier online. CLICK HERE to see pics!

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A Note from the Head Ref

It was noted at the CBHS Qualifier that there is some confusion about Home and Launch. Below are all the rules (and updates) concerning Home vs Launch area.

NOTE: This year Launch is NOT PART OF HOME (AKA BASE), and that the robot must be in the BLACK – HOME AREA before the robot can be touched and moved back into the launch area.

Other Notes:

  • The place for storage and for modifying the robot is in the Home area.
  • All parts stay within the Home area.
  • The robot is moved from the Home area to the Launch for starting the game
  • The robot must return and be completely within the Home area.

As stated in the Nov 11 Update “Experienced teams are not experienced with this year’s Rules. The Launch Area is not the same as “BASE” from past years

Make sure your robot is returning to the BLACK – HOME area and not the Launch area. This will be enforced at ALL upcoming Qualifiers and the Championship.

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CBHS Results

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions’ Award – 15496 Space Bears

Robot Design Award – 37703 Bullard/Campus

Innovation Project Award – 39174 The Mighty STEM Girls

Core Values Award – 43487 Lynx Robotics Blue

Robot Performance Award – 39174 The Mighty STEM Girls

  • Invitation to Championship
    • 15496 Space Bears
    • 35114 Lynx Robotics Gold
    • 37703 Bullard/Campus
    • 9174 The Mighty STEM Girls
    • 43487 Lynx Robotics Blue
  • Alternate to Championship
    • 17013 The STEMulators

Robot Scores

RankTeam #Team NameBest ScoreRound 1Round 2Round 3
1st39174The Mighty STEM Girls310285275310
3rd35114Lynx Robotics Gold285245245285
4th15496Space Bears260260210130
5th43487Lynx Robotics Blue230120230195
6th17013The STEMulators13580135110
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First Qualifier Under Way

Our first qualifier is underway at CBHS!

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MLGW Host Robotics Event

From News Channel 3 Live at 9 Nov 8, 2019

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LEGO Education SPIKE Prime will start shipping on January 9, 2020, and will be allowed for use in FIRST LEGO League from that date forward.

Obviously that is probably too late for the City Shaper Season (at least in West TN), but we wanted you to know.

Note that the EV3 will still be supported by Lego and that the SPIKE is NOT a replacement so you do NOT have to run out and get new robots for the 2020-21 season. Yes there are a few advantages to the SPIKE (built in gyro, better cable management) but there are also a few disadvantages (no LCD display – only multi color LED’s).

You can find out more about SPIKE Prime at

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Mac OS – EV3 Software issue

If you have a Mac (Mojave OS) and you have an issue when trying to use the EV3 Mindstorm software and all you get is empty blocks like:

It could be that you have an issue with Mono. Download and install Mono 5.10.1 from THIS WEBSITE.

This solution was found HERE.

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Videos on EV3 Programming and Design for FLL

The award-winning LCats FLL team invites FLL teams to view their YouTube videos on EV3 programming and design.  Through the videos they share their successful EV3 programs such as line following, PID control, turning, and Master program, along with their use of jigs, frame, and side-wheels. 

LCats FLL  YouTube channel:

LCats web site:

The videos:
·         Advanced Line Follower:
·         Simple PD Line Follower:
·         Straight Drive:
·         Turn-in-Place:
·         Simple Turn-in-Place:
·         PID Control:
·         Acceleration:
·         Master Program:
·         Jigs, Frame, and Side-wheels:
·         2018 LCats 220 Point Into Orbit Robot Game:
·         2018 LCats FIRST LEGO League Presentation to Judges:

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Coach Webinar

Coach Webinar Join FIRST on Tuesday, October 22 at 6:00 PM CT for a webinar for coaches to share ideas and tips to help prepare for their CITY SHAPERSM events. The webinar will be geared toward new coaches, but all are welcome! Details to join the meeting here. 

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