Learn from NASA Experts

NASA experts are hosting online talks about the challenges of human travel to deep space on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm ET through mid-December. Access past recordings and tune in to the live broadcasts here, and click here to see the topic schedule.
Does your team have questions for NASA? Please send them to robotics@nasa.gov. In the subject line of your email, include the topic you are researching.
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Challenge Update

We posted a new Project Challenge Update this week. Find it here and be sure to check the Challenge Updates often.

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One workshop down, one to go

We held the first FLL Workshop at CBU yesterday. 3 full teams showed up and learned about the season, EV3 programming and sensors. Thanks to the teams for coming, thanks to coaches and mentors for taking the time on a Saturday to come out and play with robots, and thanks to CBU faculty and students for hosting and helping out.

Materials from Workshop:


Motors and Sensors

Color Chart

(Below is the bug fix discussed at the workshop – If you get the “LEGO EV3” splash screen with a white screen behind it and the program locks at this point – try the fix below. It is a known problem with the EV3 software on Win10 Machines)
Fix for EV3 Windows 10 / Silverlight issue

EV3 Program SQUARE using loop (turn not calibrated)

EV3 Program SONAR1 (Stop when object detected 1ft away)

EV3 Program COLOR (Stop when black detected)

Dont forget about the resources under 2018-19 Challenge and Useful Links in the menu at the top of this webpage!

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Want a team but need help?

If you want to start a team, but are worried about the cost:

Keep in mind that TVA will sponsor any team in their service area (including all of West TN), but time is running out on this grant. See THIS LINK for more info.

Also, we do have robots to lend to teams who cannot afford them and other sponsors willing to step in and buy robots for teams. Fill out THIS FORM so we know you need assistance in obtaining these materials.

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FLL Workshops

[Please note the LOCATION HAS CHANGE since the initial post!]

We are pleased to announce two FLL workshops to be held at CBU in Buckman Hall 2nd floor (BU 217, 218, 222, 223) From 9am to Noon on the following dates:

Sep 15th

Oct 20th

Please sign up HERE.

These workshops are opened to Coaches, Mentors and Students (only one person representing the team need RSVP). Topics will vary depending upon RSVP survey.

Please note that you will need to hit “next” on the bottom of the 1st page on the survey before seeing the Oct 20th session.

Update: According to Dedric McGhee (STEM Manager SCS), SCS teachers will earn professional development hours for attending.

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TVA Grant – Time Running Out!

Time is running out if you wish to apply for the TVA Grant (click here for details). FIRST HQ just informed us “there is a very small amount of TVA funds available after the submissions received thus far. We may be closing grant submissions earlier than anticipated.”

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ESA Space Insights

“ESA Space Insights” Video Series All Partners The first three videos of the series have been uploaded to the FIRST LEGO League YouTube Channel. In these videos, experts from the European Space Agency explain a wide range of interesting subjects, such as gravity, space food, robots and the Moon. More videos will be added to this playlist over the next few months, but make sure to start sharing this great Project resource with your teams now!

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Team Registration Sales Tax

Should you or someone from your organization be creating and/or paying for FIRST® LEGO® League team registrations you must include a tax exempt document for each team even if you think FIRST has one on file. The registration system does not have the ability to know tax exempt status unless the document is included. Failing to provide the document will require you to pay the non-refundable sales tax.

We are checking how this affects teams who received the TVA Grant. Watch here for more info as we obtain it.

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Challenge Released

All game info has been released. See http://fll.memphisfirstteams.org/2018-19-challenge/ fall all the details.

Note the new Engineering Journal! It is optional, but highly recommended!

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Changes to the FIRST Dashboard


Please note that on Monday, July 30, 2018, the FIRST registration site will be down for maintenance until the afternoon. This is for the deployment of the new FIRST storefront features which will enable FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. and FIRST® LEGO® League teams to purchase their robot sets along with team registration. Teams will no longer need to link over to LEGO® Education for the core products needed for team participation. Any additional products, such as motors and sensors, will be purchased directly from LEGO Education at their retail web shop.

At this transition time, FIRST LEGO League Jr. and FIRST LEGO League teams who have not provided a sales tax exemption form will see tax calculations on their dashboard reflecting how FIRST will be collecting and remitting sales tax.

Teams currently in the registration system and the general public will receive messaging about the new storefront starting on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, once we have ensured everything deployed correctly.

In addition, with this launch, we will activate shipments of Challenge Sets and Inspire Set materials to teams who have previously registered. They can expect receipt by mid-August. These teams will also have the option of adding Robot Sets directly from the FIRST storefront if they did not purchase them previously (limits apply). Remember, all FIRST LEGO League Jr. and FIRST LEGO League registrations include Inspire Set materials or the Challenge Set.

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