Team Post Season Party Idea

The Memphis Zoo is hosting “Nature Connects: Art With Lego Bricks” from March 3 – July 29. Sounds like a great post season party idea to celebrate the Animal Allies FLL Season.

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Lego Education – Secret Mission 2017

From Lego Education

[ed note: Sorry for the late notice but thought you might be interested in a chance to win 2 Lego EV3 core sets]

We hope you all had great tournaments in 2016 and we wish you the best of luck on all events happening over the following months. FIRST® and LEGO® Education would once again like to connect, engage and share with you and your team before we hopefully see many of you at various Championships around the world and at the World Festivals in Houston and St. Louis, USA.

The challenge

Fair play and fun while competing are two very important factors to FIRST and LEGO Education.

As part of this year’s online FIRST LEGO League activities, we would therefore like to see you and your team perform the Animal AlliesSM Biomimicry mission in the most effective/inspiring/engaging way and share it with the Community.

The second part of this year’s online contest is to find and decode the secret message on the new FIRST LEGO League global website – Hint: It isn’t just what we do. It is how we do it.

for full details goto:

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FLL in the Media

MEMPHIS, TN (From: Local Memphis)
Students Compete in Robotics Competition
By Leah Kraus |
Published 02/06 2016 05:28PM
Updated 02/06 2016 05:28PM

Nearly 250 middle schoolers competed today in the First Lego League robotics competition.

The University of Memphis hosted the tournament.

The competition featured teams comprised of 4th through 8th grade students ages 9 to 14. They had to use their robots to complete tasks within a certain time frame. A panel then judged the robots on their design and function.

“We have a program on the computer where we have to build bricks on and then we have to put as much rotations as it needs and try to get it to lift and pick up stuff,” says Blaine Prickette, who competed in the competition.

He says the best part is spending the weekend in Memphis with his friends.

Winners move on to the next round of competition.

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Few last notes

We hope you all enjoyed the West TN FLL Championship!

A few notes from the event:

1 – Results from the event can be found HERE

2 – Pictures and video from the event are posted HERE

3 – We have a number of lost and found items from the event. If any of the items pictured below belongs to you or your team, use the “Contact Us” Form to the right to let us know and we will make arrangements to get it back to the rightful owners.

4 – Coaches will be receiving the project, core and robot judging feedback via email by the end of the week. Watch your email for it.

5 – Make sure your share the 2017-18 TEASER with your teams!

We want to congratulate all the teams and thank all the coaches for their hard work over the season!

We want to thank our sponsors once again for their support:
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Society of Information Management (SIM)
TN Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE)
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
University of Memphis
Herff College of Engineering
International Paper

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to thank all the volunteers who made the event possible. A special thanks to members of the following organizations:

For Judges:
TN Society of Professional Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Indian Community Fund For Greater Memphis

For Referees, general volunteers, Setup and Take down:
Students of the University of Memphis – Engineering Technology Department

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2017-18 Teaser


Coming August 2017

On your mark, get set, flow! Drink in the 2017/2018 HYDRO DYNAMICS℠ season and learn all about water – how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it. In the 2017/2018 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students age 9 to 16* from 80 countries will make a splash with HYDRO DYNAMICS. What might become possible when we understand what happens to our water?

FIRST LEGO League challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. During the HYDRO DYNAMICS℠ season, teams will choose and solve a real-world problem in the Project. They will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under the FIRST LEGO League signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism®.

*Ages vary by country

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Results from the 2017 West TN FLL Championship

West TN FLL Championship

1st Place 10170 Epicteam Germantown, TN
2nd Place 15496 Space Bears Collierville, TN
3rd Place 4890 Cardinals Red Memphis, TN
Robot Performance
1st Place 10170 Epicteam Germantown, TN
2nd Place 4891 Cardinals White Memphis, TN
Robot Mechanical Design
1st Place 25362 Moore Cyborgz Clarksville, TN
2nd Place 13439 Camo Robocoyotes Clarksville, TN
Robot Programming
1st Place 4570 Hawkbotics – Gold Clarksville, TN
2nd Place 6804 Mustangs Blue Clarksville, TN
Robot Strategy & Innovation
1st Place 25282 Cardinals Memphis, TN
2nd Place 786 E3 Strike Clarksville, TN
Project Presentation
1st Place 22139 STEAM Punks Memphis, TN
2nd Place 25423 Moore Atoms Clarksville, TN
Project Innovative Solution
1st Place 23334 WM Bot Builders West Memphis, AR
2nd Place 17842 SFMS TEAM CARBON Collierville, TN
Project Research
1st Place 7092 SFMS LEGO STALLIONS Collierville, TN
2nd Place 7439 Silver Robocoyotes Clarksville, TN
Core Values – Teamwork
1st Place 784 E3 Surge Clarksville, TN
Core Values – Inspiration
1st Place 9008 Dragons 5 Collierville, TN
2nd Place 13888 MBA Masterminds Memphis, TN
Core Values – Gracious Professionalism
1st Place 14803 St. Francis Red Cordova, TN
2nd Place 15875 E3 Spark Clarksville, TN
Outstanding Service Award
Charley Spencer – TVA
West TN FLL Championship
Rank Team # Team Name Best Score Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1st 10170 Epicteam 171 171 146 121
2nd 4891 Cardinals White 110 94 47 110
3rd 4890 Cardinals Red 106 85 106 56
4th 15106 Cordova Cougar Cubs Blue 96 32 51 96
5th 15496 Space Bears 94 30 94 44
6th 23334 WM Bot Builders 93 56 93 68
7th 13439 Camo Robocoyotes 82 54 68 82
8th 24835 Engineers of Tomorrow 80 36 50 80
9th 29675 St. Michael Panthers 77 77 44 77
10th 786 E3 Strike 75 65 75 38
11th 14803 St. Francis Red 74 50 74 74
11th 25362 Moore Cyborgz 74 50 74 74
13th 22139 STEAM Punks 74 74 73 68
14th 8186 Kenwood Knights 74 66 74 59
15th 25423 Moore Atoms 73 73 47 65
16th 9003 Dragons 1 71 54 71 71
17th 26691 Lady Cardinals 71 56 65 71
18th 25282 Cardinals 71 50 5 71
19th 27514 Hawkbotics – Black 69 18 48 69
20th 4570 Hawkbotics – Gold 68 68 32 17
21st 9008 Dragons 5 65 65 8 65
22nd 9004 Dragons 2 65 65 54 62
23rd 7092 SFMS LEGO STALLIONS 65 56 65 50
24th 15875 E3 Spark 65 65 29 47
25th 24218 Cordova Cougar Cubs Red 62 62 29 56
26th 9006 Dragons 3 59 50 59 56
27th 7439 Silver Robocoyotes 59 14 59 53
28th 6614 WESA Robotics 58 54 58 47
29th 17013 The STEMulators 58 58 23 53
30th 10050 JPF Panthers 2 58 35 38 58
31st 17842 SFMS TEAM CARBON 58 32 15 58
32nd 12352 STEM Stangs 56 8 50 56
33rd 23350 Cowboy Robotics 56 23 35 56
34th 784 E3 Surge 55 36 54 55
35th 22626 Cardinals Black 53 53 29 47
36th 12366 Richview Robotics 50 29 44 50
37th 4568 Hawkbotics – Red 49 44 49 48
38th 27078 Presbyterian Day School 47 18 47 32
39th 30036 St. Mary's Blue Angels 47 47 23 23
41st 9007 Dragons 4 44 29 44 44
42nd 15134 STEAM Rollers 36 35 35 36
43rd 7537 St. Francis Blue 23 23 17 18
44th 13888 MBA Masterminds 20 20 20 14
45th 6804 Mustangs Blue 17 8 17 2
46th 22501 St. Francis Green 11 11 5 5
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Ready for Tomarrow?

Getting set up for the West TN FLL Championship tomorrow! Can’t wait!!

Thanks to all the University of Memphis Engineering Technology Students who helped with the setup and also the UC Staff!

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Championship Info For Coaches

We have sent out an email to all coaches with info on the Championship. In case you did not get the email, or the attachments got blocked, here is all the documents sent:

Coaches Championship Manual

Full Schedule

UC Map / Pit Map

Visitor Handout

Consent and Release

We also have an online map of the UC 3rd floor available HERE

See you on Saturday!

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Alternate Teams Invited to Championship

We are please to announce that two alternate teams have been invited to the West TN Championship. They are:

24835 Engineers of Tomorrow
15496 Space Bears
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CBU Qualifier Held

On Jan 14, 2017, the 4th and final FLL West TN Qualifier was held at Christian Brothers University in Memphis. Before the results, we want to thank CBU for hosting the event, all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors that helped us out with setup, judging, reffing and take down with a special thanks to the CBU Engineering Alumni and Faculty!

Coaches should have received an email with their score sheets and feedback (if you didn’t please let us know via the “Contact Us” form to the right).

Congratulations to:

22139 STEAM Punks Champions’ Award
23334 WM Bot Builders Project Award
4890 Cardinals Red Core Values Award
20313 Cougar Cogwheels Robot Design Award
6614 WESA Robotics Robot Performance Award
4891 Cardinals White Invited to Chapionship
12352 STEM Stangs Invited to Chapionship
13888 MBA Masterminds Invited to Chapionship
15106 Cordova Cougar Cubs Blue Invited to Chapionship
15134 STEAM Rollers Invited to Chapionship
17013 The STEMulators Invited to Chapionship
19013 Bee Bots Invited to Chapionship
22626 Cardinals Black Invited to Chapionship
24218 Cordova Cougar Cubs Red Invited to Chapionship
25282 Cardinals Invited to Chapionship
26691 Lady Cardinals Invited to Chapionship
27078 Presbyterian Day School Invited to Chapionship
29675 St. Michael Panthers Invited to Chapionship
30036 St. Mary’s Blue Angels Invited to Chapionship

All of the above advanced to the West TN FLL Championship.

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