The West TN Championship and the local FLL teams do NOT function without volunteers. To find out how you can help, watch the presentation below and find out how you can help. If you have any questions about volunteering for FLL in the West TN Region please do not hesitate to email us at memphisfirstteams@gmail.com

First Lego League Local Opportunities:

Team mentors support team learning and success throughout an entire season. This is probably the most rewarding volunteer duty, but it’s also a big commitment. Please email us at memphisfirstteams@gmail.com and we will help you find a team in your area to help.

West TN FLL Championship volunteers can be nontechnical support and technical (judges and referees). Nontechnical volunteers are asked to volunteer for two hours or longer. Technical volunteers sign up for the entire day, but you get breaks! A full list of volunteer rolls and job descriptions are available by following This Link but below is a list of key volunteers:

  • Nontechnical (shifts of two hours or longer)
    • Registration/Information Desk – Help check in volunteers and and teams as well as act as an information desk throughout the competition
    • Queuing (People Movers!) – find wayward teams that are not where they are supposed to be and act as crowd control
    • Team Practice Area – supervise the practice fields (make sure teams leave the practice field as they found it and to ensure teams practice gracious professionalism and give other teams a chance on the practice fields.
    • Scoring/Timekeeping
  • Technical (Full tournament shift of 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)
    • Innovation Project Judge* – Evaluate a 5 minute project presentation with Q & A
    • Core Values Judge* – Evaluate teamwork skills with Q & A
    • Robot Design Judge* – Evaluate a team’s robot in a 15-minute Q & A
    • Referee+ – Willing to learn FLL robot game scoring

[* – training provided by US First via videos]
[+ – must be fully acquainted with the robot rules and scoring, West TN FLL will have a referee’s meeting before the event to complete training]

Follow these steps to register to volunteer at an event:

1. Create an account in the FIRST Dashboard – click Register in the top right corner of this page.

2. Once registered, login via FIRST Dashboard and click the Volunteer Registration tab & choose ‘Event Volunteering’.

3. Filter events by location/ program and select an event (we suggest selecting FLL, YOUR ZIP CODE and the distance you are willing to travel to an event) . Then Apply Filters.

4. Then select the event you wish to attend.

5. Choose up to five roles and apply. If you do not know what you wish to do, please select “Assign me as needed.”

6. Complete your required youth protection background screening (US & Canada).

You will receive an email from us when you assigned a volunteer role.