Registration Opens

Registration for the 2019-20 FLL Season is now opened. See THIS PAGE for more info.


FIRST LEGO League team registration will default to include their Challenge Set.
Purchasers may remove the Challenge Set by unclicking the box that indicates a Challenge
Set is part of their purchase.

NOTE: TVA has paid team registration for FLL teams in their service area (including all of West TN) for the past few years, one catch, you CANNOT PAY THE REGISTRATION and then get the grant afterwards. So even though it is odd to say….do NOT pay for the registration, wait for the grant to become available!

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Robotics Educators Workshop

Calling all STEM teachers! Interested in robotics? Want to learn how to start a competitive robotics team? Join us for a FREE 2-day training workshop to learn:

  • Basics of robotics (mechanical systems, power, sensors, and more!)
  • Robotics competition options
  • Platform specific training (VEX IQ or Lego EV3)

Teachers selected for the training will be provided access to robotics kits that can be use with their student teams for the 2019-20 year. We will also discuss grants that are available to help you start your teams.

Two training workshops will be hosted in July 2019 at the University of Memphis Herff College of Engineering.

To apply, please visit the application link for the dates you would like to attend:

July 15-16:

July 22-23:

Space is limited and preference will be given to teachers committing to starting a robotics team at their school for 2019-20 – apply today!

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Partners get hands on preview of SPIKE

At the FIRST community conference, your regional FLL Team got hands on experience with the beta version of the SPIKE robot and software (due out in Fall).

Again, SPIKE does NOT replace the EV3. Lego will support both and they can both be used for FLL.

I have included some pictures (below). Some things to point out are:

  • Red Wire Management Clips
  • Pieces designed to better interface regular Lego bricks to your Lego Technic pieces in the robot kits.
  • Software senses devices (sensors, motors, etc) plugged in and displays current data from sensors (last pic)

As for other things:

  • Does power up much faster than EV3
  • Cannot name programs (programs are numbered when loaded to the robot) and run by selecting the program number.
  • Can plug in any device to any opened connector (no motors go one end and sensor on the other end).

[note – we saw beta versions, so some of the items mentioned might be changed by ship date]

If you have an EV3 but see how some of the new pieces would help your team build their robots… can buy the expansion pack for the Spike to get some of the pieces.

Sorry, we not allowed to share more…..

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New TN Regional Map

FIRST has updated the TN FLL Regional Map. I am happy to report that Clarksville (and all of Montgomery County) is now officially in the West TN Region. This means by default Clarksville teams no longer have to change their region when registering unless they wish to compete in the East TN Region.

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2019 FLL Championship Video

Kudos to LEGO® Education for creating this video snapshot of FIRST® LEGO®League at FIRST® Championship this year.

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E3 Strike at World Championships

E3 Strike (FLL Team 786) from Clarksville TN represented the West TN Region at the FIRST World Championships in Houston TX.

Here are a few pictures our FIRST Senior Mentor (Randall Phillips) took when he visited the team:

Also, if you didn’t notice, in the last Team Blast (dated May 3) had a picture of E3 Strike in the “Celebration and Shout-Outs” section:

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Applications Open for Girls Experiencing Engineering Summer Program

Girls… you liked the Into Orbit season and working with Robots and wish to learn more about STEM fields……

Middle and high school girls can join the Herff College of Engineering this summer for Girls Experiencing Engineering (GEE), a program featuring hands-on, team-based design challenges and a variety of STEM speakers. The goal of GEE is to inspire girls to consider STEM (particularly engineering) careers. Applications for the 2019 GEE program are now available. Space is limited; register here>>

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New FLL Championship Trophies

Last year, Lego Education did a “Design the Next FIRST® LEGO® League World Festival Trophy” contest. Thanks to Quinten (aka nasa105) who designed the winning trophy:

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News from Championship

Just watched the video feed of the game reveal for the 2019-20 FLL League season. The game is called “City Shaper“. I grabbed as many screen captures as I could of the board. and they are shown below. This is only the board, full details come out in August!

Here is the full video broadcast from Championships in Houston:

We are LIVE from the FIRST Championships in Houston, Texas (USA) for the reveal of a new mat and new architecture sets for FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League Jr., developed to build curiosity around architecture. We're excited to hear what you think. Comment below! #CITYSHAPER #BOOMTOWNBUILD #FIRSTChamp #LEGOconfidence

Posted by LEGO Education on Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Don’t Forget

Today at 2pm CT there will be a preview of the 2019-20 FLL field at the FIRST Championships in Houston. If you can’t be there you can watch it live on TWITCH.

Watch live video from FIRSTinspires on

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