FLL Workshop Handout

Thank you so very much for those of you who had taken the time out of your busy schedule to come to this past Saturday’s workshop.  Hope that the information provided is of help to you for this season.

Powerpoint from Workshop


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Parking for 9-16 FLL workshop

If you are attending the FLL Workshop at CBU on 9/16/2017 9:00 am, you will need a parking pass. Please request by email to frankn@rnsystemsdesign.com

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Update on TVA Grant

Teams, if you have not applied for the TVA grant as of yet please note that your time is running out. There are 400 grants available and 232 have already been given out (as of Sep 6th).

As a friendly reminder, you cannot apply for the grant if you have already paid your registration (sorry FIRST cannot refund your registration fee, but teams were informed of this via THIS POST)

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CBU FLL Team and Coach Workshop

There will be two workshops for FLL teams and their coaches.  Space is limited and registration and confirmation are required.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

OCTOBER 14, 2017

The workshops are identical.  They will consist of two sessions.  Session 1 will be the project and session 2 will be suggestions on how to navigate the field using sensors.


Workshops will be in the Nolan Engineering Building, Christian Brothers University, 650 East Parkway South, Memphis, TN.

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2017-18 Team List

The “West TN Teams” List / Map has been updated for the Hydro Dynamics season. Check it out in the menu above or click here.

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Challenge Updates

Teams, make sure you are reading the CHALLENGE UPDATES…..

This weeks update, dated Sep 5 is very important when choosing a project in light of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Teams might be considering a project having to do with flooding from natural disasters…..BUT according to this weeks update:

Clarification of Water Disposal

The problem your team investigates must be a part of the human water cycle. For the HYDRO DYNAMICS Project, this means “the ways people find, transport, use, and dispose of water in order to meet a specific need or desire.” Since this definition explains the path that water takes when utilized by humans, water “disposal” here refers to “wastewater,” or water that has already been used by humans in homes, industries, and businesses. Water disposal does NOT refer to the removal of floodwaters. Therefore, controlling the structural damage or immediate threats to human life caused by natural floods would NOT be appropriate topics for the Project. In order for natural flooding to be a suitable topic, it must be clearly linked to the human water cycle, and a human use of water. An example of this type of linkage might be flood contamination of a water source that will be used by humans.

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How Three Teachers Who Knew Nothing About Robotics Started a FIRST® Program

What happened when teachers without STEM experience started a FIRST LEGO League team? Three Brooklyn teachers were unsure if they had the necessary skills to coach, but they knew that the program would positively impact their students. As shared with We Are Teachers, follow the transformation of the students — and the teachers.

Learn More

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From LEGO League To Software Engineer

from: Chattanoogan.com
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 – by Scott Fiedler

If your child expresses interest in a school robotics program, take action. For one curious little girl, it turned out to be the first step on the path to a career as a software engineer at a FORTUNE 500 company.

Like most 11-year-olds, Laura Ayres thought building a robot would be “really cool.” But when her mom asked if she’d like to be part of a middle-school LEGO League robotics team, she wasn’t sure.

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Challenge Released

See the 2017-18 Challenge tab above for full details or click HERE

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Lego Education Released Invaluable Information for This Year’s Game

Free LEGO Education lesson plans ready to use in the classroom

Teachers can now freely access a wide range of lesson plans to help spark curiosity, engagement and collaboration using LEGO bricks and LEGO Education solutions in their classroom. LEGO Education lesson plans, created by and for teachers, are filtered by duration, difficulty level, subject, grade level and product. More lesson plans will be added this school year, as well as increased workflow interoperability with leading digital learning platforms. LEGO Education lesson plans are available at LEGOeducation.com/lessons.

Middle school students can now take advantage of LEGO MINDSTORMS® Education EV3’s integration into Apple’s Swift Playgrounds for iPad to combine physical and digital learning through the LEGO Education playful learning system. Today, teachers using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 in their classrooms can also use the new EV3 Animal Rescue Book, a lesson plan designed to teach how to code MINDSTORMS creations with real Swift code. The EV3 Animal Rescue Book engages and motivates students to solve a real-world problem as they help an injured robotic turtle move and interact with its surroundings. Download the free LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Teacher’s Guide iBook.

“I am thrilled to be bringing science, coding, and robotics to students in my 8th grade classes this year with the use of LEGO MINDSTORMS and Swift Playgrounds on iPad,” said Leah LaCrosse, Apple Distinguished Educator. “The unique mix of technology, science and creativity really gives me the ability to engage my students and helps make our learning come alive!”

Training and development courses help teachers bring playful learning experiences into their classrooms

Through the LEGO Education Academy, free online learning courses are available for some LEGO Education solutions and are designed to help teachers enhance the student experience and learning effectiveness while using LEGO Education solutions. Today, LEGO Education announced that a selection of these courses are now available on the Microsoft Educator Community. The Microsoft Educator Community is an online community where educators can connect and collaborate, find training and lessons, take their classes on virtual field trips, and earn badges and certificates on a personalized hub created for educators by educators.

Teachers can now access courses and earn badges for LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3. These self-paced courses take teachers from beginner to classroom-ready in successfully integrating LEGO Education solutions into existing STEM curriculum and daily lesson planning. Explore the three available courses in the Microsoft Educator Community – Getting Started, Programming and In the Classroom.

Also starting today, LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 is available on Windows 10 to complete the full Windows portfolio. All LEGO Education solutions are available on the leading operating systems – Android, Chrome, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

For more resources

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