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Challenge has been release…

We have posted all the information HERE (or click on the “2019-20 Challenge” Link).

Here is this year’s kickoff video:

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TVA Grant Opened for 2019-20 Season

I’m pleased to inform you that we received the funds and are ready to dispense to teams.  We will be utilizing the same process we implemented last season. Please see below:

Team Eligibility:

  • All FIRST LEGO League teams in the TVA Service Area are eligible for funding, which will cover team registration and challenge set.
  • Teams must begin the registration process with FIRST and hold a temporary team number, however, teams must NOT pay for registration as it will forfeit their TVA Grant.  No exceptions, substitutions or refunds will be made.
  • A maximum of 200 TVA team grants are available on a first come, first served basis.  Funds will be available until December 1, 2019 OR until team registration closes in your region/nationally OR until we reach the 200 team grant cap – whichever comes first.  If we get close to reaching the 200 team cap, we will notify all Partners.

Next Steps:

  • All teams interested in receiving TVA funds must submit a very short online application to FIRST
  • FIRST will send grant information and the application link to all teams that received TVA funding last season and encourage them to apply for funds if they intend to participate this season.  The list of last season’s TVA teams that we will contact is attached for your reference – any teams that have already paid their registration for this season have been removed from the list
  • We ask that Partners send the application link to any other teams that are eligible for TVA funds – new/rookie teams or returning teams that did not receive funding last season.  An email template with information and application link is attached for you to use if you’d like
  • You may choose to post the TVA information and application link on your website or social media channels 

TVA Grant Process

  • FIRST will review all grant requests each Wednesday by noon, Eastern Time.
  • FIRST will send the grant requests to Tennessee Valley Authority to verify the team’s location within their service area. This process usually takes 48 hours.
  • Once FIRST receives the approval back from Tennessee Valley Authority, teams can expect the grant funds to be available within 5 business days.
  • Teams should expect to receive 3 emails during the application process – 1. To confirm that they have successfully submitted the application 2. To notify them of approval and application of funds 3. Information about recognizing/thanking TVA and the use of the TVA logo.
  • Any teams that have already paid registration or are outside of the TVA services area will be referred back to the Partner.
  • Any questions regarding this process should be directed to Ryanne Cook at .
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Team updates

Don’t forget to check the team updates for rule changes and clarifications.

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E-Day Announcement

We will be having an FLL Scrimmage during the event.

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FLL Challenge Detail Show on Twitch

If you didn’t read the email from FIRST inviting you to the live show viewing party on FIRSTtv, where you’ll see the CITY SHAPERSM Challenge in detail that was yesterday, it is view-able on TWITCH below:

Watch 2019 FIRST LEGO League Kickoff! Giveaway commands !LEGO !iggy from FIRSTinspires on
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Robotics Workshop featured on Chalkbeat

The STEM Robotics Workshop was featured in a Chalkbeat Education News. Click HERE for full story. Below is the summary from ASEE First Bell:

Chalkbeat  (8/1) reports that a two-day robotics training program at the University of Memphis aims to show teachers that teaching science, robotics, and technology “isn’t so difficult. … Helping K-12 teachers overcome the perceived difficulty of understanding robotics helped guide the spirit of the free training program, which was facilitated by the West Tennessee STEM Hub, a collaborative initiative funded by a federal grant.”

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Robotics Educator’s Workshop Held

The West TN STEM Hub held two Robotics Educator’s Workshops (July 15-16 and July 22-23). The workshop was sponsored by Tennessee Valley Robotics. The workshop covered Robotics Competitions, Funding and Grants Available and hands on experience with Lego EV3’s or VEX IQ robots.

We would like to thank all the teachers who took their time to attend the workshops to get STEM Robotics in their schools and classrooms.

All materials from the workshops can be found HERE.

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CITY SHAPER Challenge Release is next week

Next week the CITY SHAPERSM Challenge will be released, and we hope you’ll join us for a season filled with creativity and innovation as the students work together to create an innovative solution that will help shape our future.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Assembling Your Team:  You’ll need two or more committed adult mentors to guide your team of up to 10 students as they work together designing, building, and programming their robot.  

Program Cost:  You can start your team for around $800, which includes your team’s FIRST® LEGO® League Season Registration ($225) and CITY SHAPERSM Challenge Set ($75) and LEGO®MINDSTORMS® ($496) robotics set. There is also a $75 Regional Activity fee that pays for your teams qualifier event (there is no additional charge for teams advancing to the West TN Championship).

Your CITY SHAPER Challenge Set includes an exclusive selection of LEGO® models that illustrate real-world problems your team will create their robot to solve.


Available Resources:  Regardless of your technical experience, our resources are here to help guide you through your first year. FIRST LEGO League team members are encouraged to bring any skills they have and a passion for learning and exploration – that goes for students and coaches!

If you have questions about our resources, program costs, or robotics kit options, email team support at

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Twitch Broadcast

There will be a Twitch broadcast to walk teams through all FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. materials, tentatively scheduled for August 15 at noon ET. Stay tuned for more information.

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Season Preview

We’re two weeks away from the CITY SHAPERSM Challenge Release, and wanted to give you a preview of the season. 


In order to help build student confidence early, for the first time this season, your team materials will include guidance to solve the Crane Mission. 

Mark your calendars for Challenge Release, 12pm ET on August 1. Make sure your team is ready to go by completing these steps:

  1. Create a new FIRST® LEGO® League team.
  2. Complete any outstanding registration-related tasks to secure your team. Common tasks include completing Youth Protection Screenings for both lead coaches and accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Purchase your registration, Challenge Set, and robotics kit
  1. In your dashboard, purchase your season registration. You can also purchase the Challenge Set and LEGO®robotics kit, if you need one.
  • Build Build Build!
  1. Review your season resources and prepare for your first season.

If you have questions about FIRST LEGO League and getting started, Team Support is available by phone at (800) 871-8326 and email at

We can’t wait for you to join us!


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