Championship Photos now available

Thanks to our wonderful photographer, Melissa Dollar, for all the wonderful pics from the event. To see all the photos, follow THIS LINK. But here are just a few highlights:

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West TN FLL Official Video

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Want to try FLL….Here is your chance

Now that the season is officially over, we have a number of FLL “Into Orbit” fields kits that we would like to give away. Please use the “Contact Us” form to let us know you are interested in receiving one.

Please note that those interested in forming NEW teams within the West TN Region next year will have priority (so make sure to include that in the submission if that is the case).

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2019-20 Season Teaser

Hope you enjoyed “Into Orbit” this past year……here is the teaser video for next year’s season…….

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Team Feedback

Coaches, you should have received an email with links to the judges rubrics for the West TN Championship.

If you have not received the email, please check your SPAM folder and verify they did not end up there before contacting us. It it still isn’t there, please use the “Contact Us” form (to the right) to let us know. Include the team number and please verify your email address.

See you next year!

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Lost and Found

We have two articles of clothing that were found at the end of the tournament. Use the “Contact Us” to claim. Please include a description of the missing item.

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Students compete in FIRST LEGO League championship

From: WREG News Channel 3
Posted Jan 27, 2019

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Students from Memphis and Shelby County competed in the West Tennessee FIRST LEGO League 2019 championship.

FIRST LEGO League is an international competition hosted by an organization called FIRST.

Each year, teams are tasked with researching a real-world problem and developing a solution. Teams design, build and program robots using LEGO bricks, and then compete in the Robot Game. Teams also design their own costumes and display boards.

The competition was held Saturday at the University of Memphis under the direction of Dan Kohn, associate professor of engineering at the University of Memphis, and Frank Niedzwiedz, president of R & N Systems Design, a Memphis-based engineering company.

Out of the 46 teams that competed, 38 of them were from Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett, Cordova and Arlington. The teams were made up of five to 10 students who were between the ages of 9 and 14.

This year’s challenge was “Into Orbit,” and teams had to complete tasks related to going into space.

The competition included programming a robot to complete certain tasks with a 2-and-a-half minute window, explaining FIRST LEGO League’s core values to the judges and performing a project presentation to a second set of judges. Around 350 students and 150 parents and teachers attended.

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West TN FLL 2018-19 Championship Results

On Saturday, Jan 26, 2019, the West TN FLL Championship was held at the University of Memphis. Teams from across West TN competed in four qualifiers to earn the right to compete in the Championship.

We would like to thank our Qualifier Hosts:

  • Christian Brothers High School
  • Austin Peay State University
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College
  • Christian Brothers University
  • We would also like to thank the Coaches for all the time and effort they put into their teams!

    We would also like to thank our sponsors for their support for West TN FLL!

    Lastly, we would like to thank all the volunteers that help out in the planing and execution of all our West TN FLL Events!

    Here is a list of the awards from the event:

    Champion’s Award
    1st 786 E3 Strike Clarksville,TN
    2nd 783 E3 Spark Clarksville,TN
    3rd 4570 Hawkbotics – Gold Clarksville,TN
    Robot Performance Award
    1st 37703 Astro Force Memphis,TN
    2nd 15496 Space Bears Collierville,TN
    Robot Design Mechanical
    1st 22626 Moonpies Memphis,TN
    2nd 33337 Idlewild Eagles Robotics Memphis,TN
    Robot Programming Award
    1st 40986 MooreBots Clarksville,TN
    2nd 4568 Hawkbotics – Red Clarksville,TN
    Robot Stategy & Inovation Award
    1st 38465 DevolBerger Clarksville,TN
    2nd 34182 SMESTurkeys Memphis,TN
    Project Research Award
    1st 40186 AES Space Kiddets Arlington,TN
    2nd 23350 Cowboy Robotics Clarksville,TN
    Project Inovative Solution
    1st 15496 Space Bears Collierville,TN
    2nd 33331 Robo-Wildcats “Kings and Queens of Bots” Arlington,TN
    Project Presentation Award
    1st 31739 Galactic Pegasi Collierville,TN
    2nd 39314 Schilling STEM Stallions Collierville,TN
    Core Values Inspiration Award
    1st 43774 B&P FLL Memphis,TN
    2nd 12352 STEM Stangs Germantown,TN
    Core Values Teamwork Award
    1st 22139 STEAM Punks Memphis,TN
    2nd 12366 Richview Robotics Clarksville,TN
    Core Values Gracious Professionalism Award
    1st 33506 Eaglebots White Memphis,TN
    2nd 24218 Cordova Cougar Cubs Red Cordova,TN
    Volunteer Award
    Patrick McGinnis

    A description of awards can be found HERE.

    West TN FLL Championship – Table Scores
    Rank Team # Team Name Best Score Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
    1st 37703 Astro Force 190 190 110 160
    2nd 15496 Space Bears 179 131 113 179
    3rd 39174 The Mighty STEM Girls 151 120 151 62
    4th 38465 DevolBerger 127 127 88 120
    5th 42579 ECS LEGO my Eggo 114 32 87 114
    6th 40986 MooreBots 114 74 60 114
    7th 24835 AstroPandas 110 53 18 110
    8th 36889 Bot Builders #2 105 98 64 105
    9th 43774 B&P FLL 102 67 61 102
    10th 32078 Robo-Wildcats "Alien Acrobats" 100 9 100 81
    11th 4570 Hawkbotics – Gold 96 75 80 96
    12th 32670 Rohirrim in Training 94 42 32 94
    13th 783 E3 Spark 92 39 58 92
    14th 41302 Saint Dominic Suns 89 89 70 73
    15th 20313 Cougar Cogwheels 83 17 20 83
    16th 12366 Richview Robotics 78 78 76 74
    17th 23350 Cowboy Robotics 78 58 78 73
    18th 786 E3 Strike 72 63 72 43
    19th 7537 St. Francis Blue 72 12 48 72
    20th 33331 Robo-Wildcats "Kings and Queens of Bots" 71 12 31 71
    21st 22626 Moonpies 69 69 15 63
    22nd 24218 Cordova Cougar Cubs Red 64 60 64 10
    23rd 41919 Presbyterian Day School 3 62 62 29 49
    24th 32628 Cyber Cougars 61 61 16 32
    25th 25282 Jawascripts 60 60 55 38
    26th 4568 Hawkbotics – Red 58 22 58 10
    27th 35168 Presbyterian Day School 2 57 22 57 57
    28th 34182 SMESTurkeys 56 56 7 54
    29th 4890 Galaxy Geeks 56 12 34 56
    30th 41335 Saint Agnes Stars 55 45 55 51
    31st 40186 AES Space Kiddets 52 43 26 52
    32nd 4891 Shooting Stars 52 41 31 52
    33rd 12352 STEM Stangs 51 0 37 51
    34th 31739 Galactic Pegasi 50 34 50 47
    35th 33337 Idlewild Eagles Robotics 48 35 37 48
    36th 32300 Havenview Middle – Black Paws 47 46 9 47
    37th 17013 The STEMulators 44 19 17 44
    38th 39739 CA COUGAR CUBS 40 40 21 34
    39th 27514 Hawkbotics – Black 36 36 10 32
    40th 43487 Lynx Robotics 36 36 31 26
    41st 27078 Presbyterian Day School 1 35 35 17 35
    42nd 35114 Lausanne Lynx 35 32 35 19
    43rd 33506 Eaglebots White 32 19 32 24
    44th 39272 Kingsmen 29 4 29 7
    45th 22139 STEAM Punks 22 19 22 22
    46th 32301 Havenview Middle – Golden Paws 18 15 7 18
    47th 39314 Schilling STEM Stallions 15 15 7 0
    48th 15134 STEAM Rollers 7 7 0 0

    Pictures and video will be posted shortly (watch this site for updates).

    Coaches will be emailed the judging rubrics for their teams(s) shortly (an announcement will be posted when we send out the results).

    Thank you all for participating and we hope to see you all for the 2019-20 season.

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    Rule Clarification

    We received an email requesting clarification on R12 on Page 22 of the Challenge Guide that states:

    Page 22, R12
    • Anything completely in Base may be moved/stored off the Field, but must stay in view of the referee.
    • Everything in off-Field Storage “counts” as being completely in Base and may be placed on an approved holder.

    Our Head Ref has reviewed the rule and has come up with the following
    • You MAY remove parts from base so long as you comply with R12

    An “Approved Holder” can be
    • a tote
    • a “TV” tray
    • in a team members hand

    Note it is NOT permitted to put items on the floor and all items MUST be in view of the referees at all times.

    The same “Approved Holder” can be used for addition robot components that can be swapped out while robot is in base.

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    Championship Info


    With the Championship coming up Saturday Jan 26, 2018 we wanted to post the following information for you:

    Championship Manual

    Team Schedules (by team number)

    Pits and Judging Rooms Map (Detailed – Use browser zoom -/+). Please note: Core Values Judging will be on the 2nd floor of the UC, all other activities will be on the 3rd floor.

    University Center Map General Map of University Center for FLL Championship.

    Visitor Handout

    Teams will receive a packet (including Championship Manual and multiple copies of the team schedule and the UC Map during check it).

    There will be Visitor Handout available at the check in desk.

    See you all Saturday!

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