Magik 901 Live

Tonight, our FIRST Senior Mentor, Randall Phillips will be featured on Magik 901 Live Show WMQM 1600AM & 93.3FM (The People Station), as they discuss what our FLL Team Members are discovering about Robotics & STEM-based education.

Monday (Today), February 10, 2020 from 7pm to 8pm or Download the “Tune In” App to listen to the Interview on “The Magik 901 Live Show” on WMQM 1600AM or 93.3FM (The People Station) or listen to it HERE.

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How LEGO Is Training The Scientists And Problem Solvers Of The Future

from: Forbes Magazine
by Simon Chandler

First Lego League Regional Competition
A FIRST LEGO League regional round in Frankfurt, Germany. (Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)
dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

Play is serious business. Through play children (and adults) learn how to use their imaginations, to experiment with different ways of doing things. This might seem like it has relevance only for their self-development, but it’s also through imagination and experimentation that the human race as a collective arrives at the solutions to its problems.

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West TN FLL Championship

Thank you to everyone who came out for the West TN FLL Championship this past Saturday, Jan 15th.

A special thank you to all the coaches and mentors who helped the teams all season long.

Thanks to all the volunteers, referees and judges…with a special shout out to:

  • University of Memphis Engineering Technology students
  • R&N Systems Design
  • Young Engineers of IEEE
  • University of Memphis STEM Ambassadors
  • TVA
  • 901FPV (Drone Racing)
  • FTC TEAM #11031 – Benton Bots 2.0

Pictures and results will be posted here shortly, and coaches should be getting the team feedback within the next few day. We will also be producing a video from the event (and it will be posted when it is completed).

We do have a few lost and found items from the event (use the “Contact us” form if you think you left something) and we still have some items left from the qualifiers as well.

We will need teams to demo at the Memphis FRC Regional, so please let us know if your team can come out and demo during that event (Mar 18-21, 2020 at Collierville HS). We will especially need teams on Friday March 20 (VIP DAY).

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Last minute stuff

You might want to throw a power strip in the box you are bringing to Championship. Each pit table only has one plug!

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Championship – Pit / Room Map

Please note that we have had to swap Robot Design and Core Values judging rooms. So if you looked at or printed the map before the time of this post, please revisit the map at

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UC Food Update for Championship

With the UofM semester just starting, Chartwells (the UofM Food Service) just announced two new offerings in the UC food court:

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Did you see….

On Jan 18th a wonderful article on the FLL Team The Robo Wizards (STEM Day at Barret’s Chapel) was in the Commercial Appeal. The article can be found HERE.

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Championship Updates

An updated Tournament Manual is available HERE.
Only one major change: Page 8 – tournament schedule has been updated as follows:

Team Pit map has been created and is available HERE. If your school has more than one team, or you are sharing resources with another school/team, please check the map to ensure you are grouped together.

Please note: due to the extra time needed for robot inspection this year, please make sure your team is on-time for all your events!

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Look what we just got!

Some Quick comments…..

We were very surprised when it arrived since we just ordered it two days before they started shipping (and they were taking preorders for months).

We purchased the education kit (base kit plus expansion set). Both came, but only the basic kit has a tote….the expansion set does not have a tote.

We already had a pre-release version of the software installed on our PC…but it saw the updated and loaded the latest and greatest software and when we plugged in the brick is saw it was not up to date and updated it too (much better than old software for EV3’s)

Again a reminder that SPIKE is NOT replacing EV3’s for FLL and Lego is NOT phasing out EV3’s at this time….both SPIKE and EV3’s will be supported by Lego and are legal for FLL!

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Aging out of FLL – Now what

We’re excited to share that this year, we’ll be making FIRST® Tech Challenge Jump Start available early, exclusively for graduating members of FIRST LEGO League teams.

Jump Start will provide rookie teams with their kit of parts earlier than the normal competitive season timeline. Teams will also be the first to have access to the new REV Control Hub, which will be introduced into our storefront next season. The new Control Hub combines all the power of the current Android handset with the Expansion Hub into a single device.

As in previous years, Jump Start teams will purchase registration for the 2019/2020 (current year) season and receive a grant for their 2020/2021 (next season) registration.

More info is available HERE

Rookie Grants are still available and can be combined with the above. See THIS WEBSITE for FTC ROOKIE GRANTS.

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